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A week in the Pyrenean parks


This is a superb tour through the Pyrenees for those who love hiking in the mountains. There are lots of low-altitude activities as well. The city of Mirepoix, the medieval town of Saint Lizier and the Roman churches in Vall de Boi

Sounds good ? Contact your agent who will give you plenty of tips on where to park for the night and what to do during the day throughout your island road trip.

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DAY 1 – Mirepoix and étang de Lers

Start with a visit to the medieval bastide town of Mirepoix, with its surprising XIVth-century roofing, and go on to meet the neighbouring villages of Camon, Vals, and Léran. You won’t have any trouble finding a lovely spot of nature for your picnic break!

Then join Tarascon sur Ariège, and head towards the Col de Port and the Etang de Lers (on the right in the village). Narrow road and steep climb to the Tour de France classics. Superb mountain scenery at the top of the pass, at the port of Lers.

For the night, you will have no trouble finding a quiet location between the port of Lers and, further down, the étang de Lers. Playing the horn if necessary, to make the herds of cows move!

DAY 2 – Hiking “Etang d’arbu” and “Pic des trois seigneurs” (4h30)

Superb hike starting from the port of Lers, going up to the lake D’arbu then to the peak of the three lords, and coming back by the crests.

Infos: Hiking tips Pic des trois seigneurs

Night: Same place as the night before! The van awaits you there wisely.

And for your meal, if you are a fisherman (and take the day licence), you can try to catch some nice trout at the end of the day on the pond of Lers…

DAY 3 – Hiking “Cascade d’Ars” and “Etang de Guzet” (5h – possibility to make it shorter)

A few kilometres further on, in the beautiful village of Aulus les bains, you will find the start of a beautiful hike leading you to a superb waterfall, the Ars waterfall. Possibility to extend to the pond of Guzet.

Infos: Topo hike cascade d’Ars

Night: No difficulty in finding a quiet place, along the stream, to set up camp.

DAY 4 – Crossing and visit of the natural park of Ariège and departure to the park of Aiguestortes (Spain) amply

From Aulus les bains, take the direction of Saint Girons via Ercé. On the way (5kms from Ercé), stop to see the barns of Cominac. The site benefits from an exceptional panoramic view of the Aulus mountains and the Mont Valier massif. The meadows are dotted with stone barns whose gables have a very particular shape of the region.

Another attraction not to be missed is the medieval town of Saint Lizier. Ancient Gallo-Roman city, bishopric of the 6th century until the Revolution, Saint-Lizier has many monuments of the Romanesque period.

After these beautiful visits, take the direction of Spain by Saint Béat, then Vielha. Just before the town of El Pont de Suert, turn left in the direction of Vall de Boi and the park of Aiguestortes.

For the night, we recommend the small, well-maintained campsite Del Remei. A very friendly welcome in French and, above all, impeccable sanitary facilities! Swimming pool, ping-pong table, and possibility to order paellas. Royal in the evening on your way back from a hike… Small family campsite: we advise you to book !
Another solution: find a quiet spot along the road up the Boi valley, or at the edge of one of the many villages.

DAY 5 – Hiking “Estany Long” and “Vallée de Dellui” (from 4h to 8h)

This national park of Spain is a real paradise for nature lovers. It contains the largest concentration of lakes in the entire Pyrenean chain – 190 estanys (lakes), and numerous torrents and waterfalls – as well as a very rich flora and fauna.

This superb hike takes you to the Estany Llong and many other beautiful ponds, enjoying exceptional panoramic views.

There are two starting points:
– From Boi, going up to the Planell d’Aiguestortes along the Sant Nicolau river, passing by the Estany de Llebreta and the Sant Esperit waterfall (8h).
– From Planell d’Aiguestortes, after taking the public transport service (4×4 land rover) that takes you up from Boi (4 hours).

From the planell d’aiguestortes, go up to the Estany Llong (route 1+2 on the map). Then go back down to the junction for the Dellui Valley circuit.

More info here !

DAY 6 – Hiking “The Ponds of Gemena” (4h30)

This very beautiful hike, less crowded than the previous one, will take you up through blueberry beds to the lakes of Géména. The superb landscape of lakes at the summit will be the reward for this beautiful and accessible ascent, and a privileged place for a nice picnic.

Departure: Boi car park

DAY 7 – Villages and churches of Vall de Boi

To conclude this tour of the park, and before leaving, a visit to the Romanesque churches of the Boi Valley is a must. The valley has a group of exceptional Romanesque churches, recently declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO: the churches of Boi, Taull, Erill la vall, Barruera
Most of these churches were covered with sumptuous colourful frescoes.


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