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become partner

Do you represent a SCHOOL COMMITTEE, a CLUB or an ASSOCIATION?

Don’t hesitate to contact the Van-Away agency nearest you to set up a partnership to add an original and up-to-date offer to your catalogue.

The Van-Away offer is vast and allows your employees or members to enjoy freedom from all our agencies in France and New Caledonia.
With our fitted vans, from 2 to 7 seats, our fitted vans equipped with shower and WC (up to 5 seats), our roof tents (from 2 to 4 people) and mini-caravans for 2, Van-Away is aimed at people wishing to travel alone, as well as sportsmen and women, couples, families or retired people!
Being a partner with Van-Away means offering escape and adventure at preferential rates to our members!
Give the gift of freedom and contact us now!


Are you looking for a partner for your SPORTS or CULTURAL EVENT?

There is bound to be a Van-Away agency close to your event that will probably be able to make itself available.

Depending on the event, we can set up a colourful and animated stand with our vehicles or leisure equipment, propose a tombola to make participants win prizes, put a van at your disposal to ensure security and isolate the medical staff of a sporting event… in short, we are open to study any proposal!

Do not hesitate to contact us!


Are you a BLOGGER, INFLUENCEUR, or want to become an AMBASSADOR?

You are a blogger and want to share your experiences and road trips in a van on social networks and our blog?

Are you a top-level sportsman and the van is your companion for sports events?

Are you looking for a sponsor?

Do not hesitate to contact us!