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Some campervan rental testimonials...

Thank you to all our tenants who have travelled on board our vans, and thank you to those who took the time to give us a little feedback on their tours and their memories in a VAN-AWAY van !

VAN-AWAY is also talked about in the French and English press !

Tour of Europe in three and a half months...

The comfort of the California van on the road is excellent and its low diesel consumption is remarkable.

This vehicle really offers the freedom we were looking for. It is easy to drive and park just about anywhere and is comfortable to sit and eat or sleep in. It allows you to travel without being constrained by reservations. There was always room for us at the campsites even in high season without reservations.

The highlights are the wild sunsets in the Alps and Pyrenees where we were sometimes alone in the world with the stars at the top of the passes and with exceptional sunrises in the early morning. Other special moments were when we could walk through the gates of fortified villages in Portugal and France and have easy access to the central squares of the villages where we had our lunch in an exotic atmosphere.

We loved the experience and are convinced that we made the right choice by renting this model of vehicle from VAN AWAY!
Normand and Nicole (Canada)
Un tour d'Europe en van !

April weekend in a California van...

A very friendly welcome, the vehicle was made available to us "à la carte", which was very pleasant. We appreciated the availability, the seriousness, the telephone contacts of our interlocutor for the taking in hand and the handing-over of the vehicle in the best conditions, the parking of our personal vehicle... We recommend this address!

Concerning our van: easy and pleasant driving, freedom and ease of parking. One night of heavy rain and... we still stayed warm and dry! Positive experience which should lead to the purchase of our combi van! Nicole

week end en van volkswagen california
Nicole and François
Experience positive !!!

2 weeks honeymoon in a Campervan.....

We hit the road on July 22, 2012 with VAN AWAY for our honeymoon. We went for 14 days on the roads of the south west of France, discovering the Dordogne, the Lot et Garonne, the Landes, the Basque country and on the way back we crossed the Gers.

At first, when my husband suggested this idea for our honeymoon, I was a bit hesitant... finally I don't regret anything, absolutely nothing and I only had one desire once our trip was over: to buy a van!

We slept everywhere, in a campsite in the Dordogne, in front of the ocean in the Basque Country and on the banks of the Lot, at the foot of a castle on the Dordogne, at the entrance of a listed village, etc. We met other itinerant travellers. A few memories among many others that I keep warmly in my heart: a canoe descent on the Dordogne and the same evening a moment in love on the dune of Pila; the crossing of the villages of the Lot, the sinuous, deserted and narrow roads of the plateau of the Causses, a night in the Basque Country to sleep with the song of the wind and the waves... with only nature around us!

The reception of the hirer was warm, human, a contact as one likes them! I recommend and have recommended VAN AWAY !!!

Lune de miel en van !

A week in the South-west of France...

VAN-AWAY runs a great business renting small camper vans. Vans are new, clean and well equipped. They aren't big so you have more freedom than those big motor homes offer. The manager is friendly and full of information on the area nearby. The size of the van means you aren't restricted to where you can go with this. The guy provided a lot of information on some places in the direction we were going and a couple of specific recommendations, such as a small lake high up in the mountains that was just beautiful !

Our road trip started with a stop at Mirepoix, on VAN-AWAY manager suggestion. Great little town with plenty of quiet places to park ...

Our last night was spent below the walls of Carcassonne. That was a lovely view and good place to spend the night. Carcassonne is an amazing renovated castle city.

week end dans l'aude et les pyrenées en van
Léo (Melbourne, Australia)
VAN-AWAY runs a great business

Portugal in a campervan ...

We are very interested in travelling, and this is the first time we have used a van.

Our 12-day trip to Portugal was exactly what we expected. What we remember about the trip: the landscapes, the colours and the smells, the kindness of the Portuguese people, the pace of the trip: steady but pleasant considering the comfort of the van and above all a great feeling of freedom!

We wish you many more reservations!
roadtrip portugal en van
Marina and Laurent
Le Portugal en van

Week between Aveyron, Lozère, and Gard in a van...

We are very satisfied with the van and the reception. The plus is the storage of the car in a secure car park. The owners are very pleasant, friendly and attentive...

Excellent vehicle for driving on small mountain roads - especially when we were in the Cevennes. Functional and practical van for easy stays.

We will repeat this wonderful experience. Our most memorable moment was waking up in the morning at the top of Mount Aigoual: the valleys in the mist, the cows in the distance ringing their bells and the very pleasant temperature...

week end gard et lozere en van
Nathalie and Jean-Luc
Une semaine de découverte en van


A Week in Basque Country by van

Take a week to discover the Basque Country --- its beaches, resorts and its exceptional scenery. Learn about the dynamic regional identity and the way it manifests itself through food and local traditions….