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Join the VAN-AWAY campervan rental group !

Start your campervan rental business in France and Europe with VAN-AWAY

Excellent idea: the market is booming in France, and offers real opportunities!

Holidaymakers in search of roaming and freedom and travellers looking for a van or minibus for a business or personal trip cannot easily find what they are looking for with the classic rental agencies.

Historically more developed in Northern Europe and on the American and Oceanic continents, the van rental market has its place in France, where these small rolling houses are everywhere and arouse curiosity and the desire for adventure and freedom.

In this context of development and growth, the VAN-AWAY network, one of the pioneers of the market, expands every year by two or three agencies. And the agencies installed are all experiencing growth in their turnover, and positive results…

Since 2009, a number of isolated market players have not managed to ride this wave and have closed shop: like all markets, the future lies with those who join forces to grow and prosper together…



Are you a professional in the field of itinerant tourism? You work with fun, attractive products that are in tune with the times. You will be working with a pleasant clientele with a backpacker spirit. You are part of an adventure that is renewed every year, with new products and innovations that make each season different from the next…

Coming from a salaried position, your role as company manager will give you real freedom, allowing you to set up your own organisation and timetable.

You also have to manage everything and wear many hats! The operational side (after the first 2 years you can quickly subcontract it), prospecting, managing your company, communication…

And what about the difficulties? Finding an insurer, concretising your contractual documents, negotiating purchases at the best prices, keeping a constant watch on the market so as not to be outdone, resisting the ever-increasing and fierce competition, finding financing…

So… you really want to get started? But you also want to make things easier for yourself, get started as quickly as possible, maximise your chances, and get help from a whole team? Welcome to VAN-AWAY!



Your departure date is fast approaching and it is time to prepare your trip! Bear in mind that your van or caravan is fully equipped with:

  • Kitchen essentials (plates, glasses, cups, bowls, pots, pans, a sieve, a tupperware container, cutlery, veggie peeler, cork screw, bottle opener, sponge, dishwashing liquid and a tea towel) – everything you need to prepare meals on wheels during your road trip.

  • Cleaning supplies (a wash basin, rubbish bags, clothes pins, a strap, dustpan and brush) to keep your mobile household clean during your trip.

  • Everything you’ll need for maintaining your autonomy (storage box, water supply, an electric plug with hook-up).

And before you zip up your suitcase, don’t hesitate to consult the article on our blog (Les indispensables pour un roadtrip en van) for tips about what to pack for your van road trip.


If you are a newbie and not quite ready for a full blown adventure, don’t worry, there are plenty of suggestions to insure a peaceful night:

Some people think that campgrounds and camping car sites are the only places that allow customised vans to park. Wrong! In fact you can go off piste and enjoy wilderness camping and wake up in the depths of the countryside or next to the sea! To find out how to camp rough, follow the advice that is available on our blog and pitch up with peace of mind!

The van is synonymous with freedom! You therefore have plenty of opportunities to spend the night off the beaten track.

Of course there is nothing stopping you from staying in a campsite, if only to have a bit more comfort from time to time especially on long trips. But be aware that there are plenty of other options which allow you to spend the night closer to nature.

All of our vans have a copy of the guide France Passion that gives addresses of vineyards and farms where you can spend the night for free. A great opportunity to meet the natives and taste locally grown produce!

You can find out more by reading our article : France passion : the region as you’ve never seen it.

Discover where you can park at a local inhabitant’s house and find great addresses at reasonable prices on the HomeCamper website.

Another mine of information for those who travel beyond the French borders is the application Park4night. It’s free and allows you to find places that other van travellers have tried and tested (hidden, off the best places, farms etc.) with comments and suggestions of places to avoid.

All the GPS systems that Van-Away provides as an optional extra are equipped with up-to-date Park4night locations.

Read the article : Park4night: a user community, a mine of information to learn more about this fantastic app.

And if you have a taste for adventure, don’t hesitate to go off-road, far from the crowds and concrete and find that ideal spot- somewhere isolated, opposite the sea, under the trees, high on the summit of a mountain and wake up somewhere amazing!


How to answer a call of nature?

Oh yes, these are basic questions that come up frequently! Where can we have a pit stop? How can we shower? Where and how can we get rid of our waste water?

Rest assured, there are solutions for everything!

Unlike our customised vans, our mini-vans are not equipped with a toilet. However, you can opt to have a chemical toilet or a dry toilet as an option if you don’t want to spend your time on the app where are the toilets?”

Next. for the vans or leisure vehicles that don’t have a shower, we can also provide portable or solar run showers as well as tents that attach to the rear door or cabin for more privacy. Find all the available ablution solutions on our blog!

Travelling with children? There is nothing nicer than a family road trip! Children adore a BIG ADVENTURE! How to find child-friendly activities and things to do with kids? There is lots of advice on our blog.

Be eco-friendly! Our vans are brand new and equipped with the latest anti-pollution technology. Respect the environment during your trip and follow our eco-tips here.