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The 4-star hotel on wheels for 4 people...

Marco Polo Mercedes Campervan to travel up to 4 people.






Two drivers

Brand new vehicle

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Places for the night

Conceived along the lines of the mythic Westfalia designs and housed within the superb Mercedes Class V, the Mercedes Marco Polo is the only van that combines sheer luxury with pure practicality!

Its interior design is a pleasure to behold, but there’s so much more to it than that! High-end construction and gorgeous finishings beside, the generous storage space and above all else “ahh” – inspiring comfort it affords (both seated and supine) makes the Marco Polo a 4-star hotel on wheels! The behind-the-wheel pleasure is intense and as easy to handle as a car. What’s even better, there are no extra toll charges as it measures less than 2 meters high.

Designed to carry up to 4 people, the Mercedes Marco Polo offers somewhat more space than its cousin, the California van. It’s chic exterior will turn heads when you drive by!

Its layout and standard of equipment offers high level comfort for up to 4 people: Interior kitchen (2-ring gas stove, 40 litre fridge, sink and storage), swivel front seats, closet and storage units, sofa bed (2 people), lift-up roof creating standing room space within the van and offering an additional bed (slatted double bed base) air conditioning, cruise control, stationary heating, 220V sockets and the list goes on. The Mercedes Marco Polo allows you year-round comfort — air conditioning, stationary heating, indoor kitchen and black-out curtains are all included.


Day and night configuration

The customised Mercedes Marco Polo was designed to accommodate up to 4 people in maximum comfort.

The Mercedes Marco Polo has 4 standard seats: the two front seats swivel 180° and the back seat slides on rails that allows you to create an eating area or living space in seconds.

Its large side and rear windows are tinted allowing you to admire the view while at the same time protecting you from prying eyes!

Convert your customised Mercedes Marco Polo van into a luxury hotel room for 4 people in a matter of seconds!

In less than 3 seconds chrono, the back seat of your Mercedes Marco Polo van folds out creating a flat bed that would perfectly suit your children (110x200cm).

If you are travelling with a baby or young child, you can even create a rear sleeping space behind the back seat : the space is completely secure and measures 110×80 with a mattress.

Somewhat larger (115x200cm) the mezzanine bed on springs is ultra cozy and soft, perfect for the grownups!

Blackout curtains are supplied for all the windows which protect the interior from the cold, the heat, humidity and light.

The bedding optional extra which includes hand towels includes all that you need. Don’t worry about packing sheets, duvets, duvet covers, pillows or pillow cases. They are all included for a small additional charge.

Hitting the road with your baby or your children? An excellent idea… they adore a great big adventure and you can easily combine travelling with childcare. Nap time? Snack time? What could be easier than pulling over, parking and looking after them? And all those wasted holiday moments spent looking for a hotel or a restaurant…you just need to find a place to park and everything is under your roof! It’s called freedom

Need an extra bed in your Malaga, Ibiza or Tasmania van? No problem! Our spare beds can be installed in a few minutes under the front seats. Dimensions 130x80cm. A sort of a sleep-in doll’s house that the children will adore!

Are you coming from far away via train or plane? No problem, we can arrange child car seats (catagories 1-3).

A fully fitted kitchen with sink, two ring cooker, and a big fridge allows you to cook comfortably inside no matter what the weather.

The capacity of the fridge (40 litres o), the water supply (40 litres of fresh water + 32 litres of waste water) and the gas bottle means that you are autonomous and completely independent for several days.

There’s lots of storage space in the kitchen cupboard allowing you to stow the dishes that are provided and your food supply.

A clever, collapsible table allows you to dine indoors if the weather is uncooperative.

Go for the optional extra gas barbecue that includes all the cylinders you will need throughout your trip. This extra appliance allows you to grill meat, fish and veggies outside even in places where traditional barbecues are prohibited.

We know how important comfort is when you are on the road, racking up the kilometers. All our vans and customised camper vans are brand new and kitted out with the most up-to-date accessories.

When the temperature rises, you will be grateful for the airconditioning that features in all our vehicles. Try to limit its use only for very hot conditions or to de-fog the windscreen. We encourage you to think green…

Switch on the cruise control. It will keep fatigue at bay for those long stretches of highway.

Because a warm, cozy night is essential after a day of exploring, our customised vans are fitted with TRUMA heaters that can be programmed according to the temperature you want and continue to work throughout the night automatically. These systems work either with the motor switched off using the vehicle’s petrol or through electricity if you are hooked up to the mains supply.

A real bathroom with a hot shower, sink and WC means you have all the comfort you need.

For a quick rinse after the beach or at the end of an action-packed day, all of our vans are kitted out with a hand-held shower in the rear of the vehicle.

Get switched on! All of our vans and camper-vans have USB plugs, 230V sockets, LED lights and plenty of well-designed storage spaces for all of your gear.

All our vans and mini-caravans are equipped with fresh water tanks that contain from 20 to 60 litres depending on the models. Some have waste water containers that can be emptied regularly at designated sites.

In addition, all of our vans and mini-caravans have 12V outlets using the cigarette lighter or USB so you can recharge your phone or tablets.

All our vehicles are fitted with one or more auxiliary batteries that give you 2-3 days of autonomy for running the fridge, the water pump, lights etc). Do you spend lots of time driving? These batteries recharge automatically. Will you be staying put during your trip? Hook up your van or mini-caravan to mains electricity with the cable provided to recharge your batteries.

Do you want even more comfort and convenience?

VAN-AWAY offers a host of optional extra accessories to give your tent a personal touch.

Van model

Mercedes Marco Polo V220




4 : 2 double beds


Width : 1,9m / Length : 4,9m / Height: 1,99m


163hs (diesel)

Fuel tank


Fuel consumpt.(manufacturer data)

City : ~7,2 l/100km / Non-city : ~ 5,2 l/100km / Complete cycle : ~6,6 l/100km


188 g/km


Automatic 7 gears


Front airbags / Side airbags / ABS

Road handling

Cruise control / Bluetooth / Backup sensors / Power steering

Stationary heating system

Stationary heating system Webasto

Air conditioning



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