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Annecy Geneva campervan rentals

430 Route de Talloires, 74210 Doussard, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France

Tel +33 6 10 42 02 04


Annecy Geneva campervan rentals


Welcome to VAN-AWAY campervan hire Annecy - Geneva !

  • Located on the shores of Lake Annecy,at the foothills of the Alps, 20 minutes from Annecy's TGV railway station, 40 minutes from Geneva's International Airport and an hour and a half from the Mount Blanc Tunnel, VAN-AWAY's Annecy-Geneva Agency offers you brand new customized vans for your Alpine adventures
  • At the threshold of Switzerland and Italy, in the heart of the Alps, a stone's throw from Burgundy, the Jura, the massif central, the Drome and the Ardeche counties, the VAN-AWAY Annecy - Geneva camper van rental Agency is the perfect point of departure for all sorts of road trips. Take off in one of our customised camper vans for camping or sporting weekends and sighseeing junkets in France or over the border
  • What tickles your fancy? A mountain-bike road trip, a hand-gliding weekend, a motocross competition, rock climbing or just a burning desire to hit the open road ? Annecy is the European capital of outdoor sports, hosting a number of renowned international sporting fixtures
  • The VAN-AWAY Annecy - Geneva camper van rental Agency is the ideal place for experiencing the pleasure of hitting the open road with easy access to all the breathtaking sites that the Swiss and Italian border regions have to offer
  • The VAN-AWAY Annecy - Geneva campervan rental agency is delighted to offer you a fleet of supremely comfortable customised Malaga camper vans for couples, custom fitted Ibiza minibuses for your cultural or sporting jaunts (seats up to 7) or your summer hols (seats up to 5), and customised volkswagen California camper vans (4 seats) for your family roadtrips . All our customised vans are brand new, fully equipped and ready to (rock and) roll!

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VAN AWAY campervan hire annecy alps geneva switzerland

Facilities offered by the VAN-AWAY Annecy-Geneva campervan rental Agency :

  • Free secure parking for your car, for the duration of your holiday
  • - The Geneva International airport has direct flights to 44 countries, 130 destinations including 25 international routes as well as lowcost EasyJet flights

    - The Annecy TGV railway station offers 7 roundtrips Paris-Annecy per day, taking 3 hours and 30 minutes from the Paris Gare de Lyon.

  • Plenty of rental accessories including a bike rack adapted for mountain bike tires as well as enduros...

How to get to VAN-AWAY Annecy-Geneva campervan rental Agency :

  • Address : 250 Route des Creuses 74600 SEYNOD
  • The VAN-AWAY Annecy-Geneva camper van rental agency is based on the East bank of the Annecy lake in the village of Verthier (part of the Doussard commune)
  • Drop by our office Monday to Saturday from 9am to 7pm by appointment

To contact VAN-AWAY Annecy-Geneva campervan rental Agency :

  • By phone on +33 6 10 42 02 04
  • By e-mail, at
  • By mail at "VAN-AWAY - 250 Route des Creuses 74600 SEYNOD"


The Annecy-Geneva VAN-AWAY Campervan Hire team thanks you and hopes to see you soon…





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